Thursday, 9 June 2011

Make Sense of Data Analyze The Reports Part 4

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Data Analyze The Reports
Once the reports are made, you need to analyze them periodically to understand the usage patterns. For instance, you would find that the first thing all employees do in the morning is check their mail. Hence, you’ll find heavy Internet usage in the morning. However, if you notice that the usage is becoming heavy throughout the day then you would need to investigate further. For all you know, it might be heavy downloads such as movies or music or mass mailing that’s causing the load. If it’s genuine work that is happening, then you need to consider purchasing more bandwidth. The same logic applies to other applications as well, such as ERP applications over your WAN.

The type of reports you can get depends upon the tools you use. There are tools that specifically monitor the website traffic and generate reports based on them. Also, the type of reports you want depends on the analysis you require. You get reports on frequent Internet users, protocol traffic flow, most-frequently visited sites and the websites that consume more bandwidth. User-specific data includes the amount and type of data sent and received.

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