July 20, 2011
When i listen this word i got confused? Wot about you? Actually the word leads gets more specific when we use this like business leads, sales leads, lead generation but we use normally as leads. Normally a lead is defined as a complete identification of a person or business entity and used for business growth at different places like call center(s), different companies. Leads may have fewer or additional qualities like TPS registered, ex-directory, country specific like "UK", product specific like product sales lead, business leads, education leads, mortgage leads, survey leads, personal injury leads, payment protection leads and many more specification.

You all know that i have worked for a company that have also a call center wing other than software development and that company unfortunately shut down and the complete 1,000,000 got wasted. Now the offer is here, i giving those leads as a perk for my blog readers. The only thing is that you have to subscribe feeds here :

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After taking free subscription of my blog, just reply in comment with your actual name and leads specification. I will verify and email the leads in your inbox. My leads have following specification [As the leads have very huge in number so, i am not categorizing it minutely]

1. TPS Registered [Removed]
2. Ex-directory [Checked]
3. Mobile Number [Removed]
4. Telephone Number
5. Title and Gender
6. First Middle Last Name
7. Address 1 and 2
8. Country [UK, US, Canada]
9. Pin Code [XXXXX]
10. Age [Age Band Like 18-30, 31-50, 51-90]
11. Marital Status [Single, Married, Widowed, Living in relation, Separated]
12. Employment Status [Employed, Unemployed, Part time, Retired, Business, Studying, Disabled, Home Maker]
13. House Hold Income [Above or Below 25,000]
14. Home Status [Home Owner, Tenant, Living with parents, Council home, Company property, Living with partner, Sheltered accommodation]
15. Home Insurance [Yes, No, Renewal Month]
16. Computer Internet [Yes, No, Renewal Month]
19. Wanna PPI Claim [Yes, No]
20. ENDOWMENT MORTGAGE [Yes, No, Renewal Month]
21. Electricity Supplier / Gas Supplier
22. Payment Resources [Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, Fixed Direct Debit, Payment Card, Regular Cash Payment, Variable Direct Debit, Internet]
23. Credit Card [Yes, No]
24. Credit Card Claim [Yes, No]
25. PI (Personal Injury)Accident [Yes, No]
26. PI (Personal Injury) Medical Advice [Yes, No]
27. PI Claim (Personal Injury Claim) [Yes, No]
28. Pension [Yes, No, Renewal Month]
29. Life Insurance [Yes, No, Renewal Month]
31. Holiday [Once in a year, Twice, More, Book Ticket Via, Money investment]

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