First Things First Set a Policy Part 2

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Before choosing a tool to manage Internet access, you need to plan its deployment. For example, you need to determine which user or group needs or does not need access to particular sites or service (e-mail, Web, file transfer), which applications consume how much bandwidth and during what time of the day is the maximum traffic flow. On the basis of this information, you need to create an acceptable Internet usage policy. The policy should clearly state:

The measures that the organization could take if it finds an employee misusing the Internet. For example, some organizations state in their policy that they would publish on their intranet the list of banned sites along with the names of users who were found accessing them.

Remember, that the clauses of the policy will be governed by your business’ objectives; there is no ‘one rule that fits all’. Some companies may use corporate IMs (Instant Messengers), while others may prohibit their use. Once the policy has been set, it is critical to communicate it to the employees.


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