Digital Marketing Trends that Businessmen Need to Try

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Doing marketing activities requires creative thinking to increase the attractiveness of the process so as to give effect to sales results. Seeing the ease with which people have access to the internet world, marketing through digital media will indeed be the right choice.

If you follow the current trends, marketing with digital media has been done a lot since the past few years. Then, what are these trends? Here are some digital marketing trends that businesses need to try.

Digital Marketing Through Video:
Marketing business products through video forms is much loved by business people, for example, such as advertisements on television or when talking about the internet can be seen in advertisements in the interlude of the YouTube video being watched. Coupled with the rapid growth of the digital age, making video marketing can be oriented to results that are as attractive as possible and still need to be able to increase interest and purchasing power in prospective customers.

Digital Marketing with Social Media:
Marketing through social media seems to be a trend that is widely done by many business people. This is because the opportunity to market products through social media is more to be able to reach potential customers. Many people who use social media are also one of the factors of digital marketing with social media including effective and efficient.

Digital Marketing with Google Adwords:
Every person who has a business, especially when the business has penetrated the world of the internet, would want his business website to appear in the top row of search engines. With Google Adwords it is not impossible. To find out more about Google Adwords, you can check here.

Digital Marketing with Google My Business:
One more related to the biggest search engine on the internet, Google. Google My Business is one of the digital marketing trends that businesses need to try. Using the Google My business feature can make it easier for people to and businesses that business people have so they can increase consumers.

How to Increase Blog Visitors

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How to Increase Visitors Blogs may already know a lot. Many master blogs have raised this topic. But again I tried to peel it for you with a slightly different version.

This trick deliberately I share for you who want to increase the number of visitors or guests for his blog. Especially for beginner bloggers who have not mastered the powerful jutsu of SEO science, including myself.

The main mistake of a blogger is to target the articles he wrote focused only on Google. It is as if the first page of Google is the last port of the article.

By waiting while daydreaming. The endless hand steers the mouse to the blog blog's refresh button and hopes that google is kind enough to reward visitors on their blogs. If this stigma has been ingrained in our minds, I suggest immediately change the course of your thinking.
How to Increase Blog Visitors
Visitors or visitors is the soul mate of a blog or website. Many ways we can do to boost the number of visitors on our blog. Can with natural methods or use software that can bring 2000 visitors per day. Honestly, I prefer a natural one, because it is more sporty and healthy. And if you want to know, there lies the art in the world of blogging.

Create interesting, enticing and tempting post titles to lure readers.

Tricks Attract Visitors Blog

How to attract visitors to this blog is very easy and simple, but I do not promise a fantastic visitor numbers, because the application of this method gives different results depending on how we execute it. Let's look together.
  1. Create an account on social media
  2. Why did I place this point on the first device? The reason is simple, almost ¾ world population move through social media. This will be a great promotional tool for a website or blog. In addition to increasing the popularity of our blog, social media was believed to be able to influence the ranking in the Google search engine. For that, please you create account at least 5 from different social media, can twitter, facebook or Google Plus is up to you.
  3. Create an account on social bookmarking
  4. When you are done creating a blog, register your blog to several social bookmarks. If our blog is Indonesian, I suggest to create an account and include our blog to local social bookmarking only, such as Cross Me, DoFollow,, or Indofeed. Then submit every article we make regularly.
  5. Join the group on social media
  6. Search in social media at least 10 groups that align with our blog, do not forget to join them. After joining do not rush to promote the blog. Give lots of likes and actively comment to any updates from the group members. If necessary visit their website, and give a friendly comment. This also you can do in social bookmarking that we have followed. Important: Try to join a group that has many members, and follow existing rules.
  7. Make as many friends as possible
  8. Try to recruit friends from group members. The more friends we collect will give good prospects to our blog. Remember, they are potential potential visitors. If you think content is king, they are the queen of her.
  9. It's time to promote
  10. After the points above you go through, now is the time we 'trade' our blog content through social media. First update the maximum of 3 most interesting and quality articles from our blog on all the group status columns that we follow. Do not forget, make a short and interesting promotional sentence. Then welcome the visitors who come, and give a positive appreciation.
  11. Expand article updates
  12. This is the ultimate key of the above steps. Expand the stock of quality articles on our blog. Articles or writings can we say as a bullet or ammunition to target the target or target that we want to achieve. The more articles we have, the greater our chances of getting the visitors we want. In order not to be considered excessive, promote our articles gradually, 3 articles every hour for the entire group in social media, I think enough. If we are focused in the world of blogging, this way can be done every day. The results can you see yourself on the statistics of each blog. Through regular promotions, slowly but surely blog visitors will come to our blog if they are interested in the title of the article we are promoting. Choose blog articles that still have low traffic. Promote continuously. The result you can feel for yourself.
How to Increase Blog Visitors is by leveraging and optimizing the functionality of social media.
Here are the advantages that we can get from this way in comparison if we have to compete with the master just to grab a page google to get blog visitors.

  1. Social media becomes a means to pick up the ball, while the search engine looks more like a place to wait for the ball.
  2. Through social media, we are free to decide which articles we want to promote, without the hassle of thinking about excessive SEO techniques.
  3. Up date articles on social media we can do repeatedly without worry in the spam.
  4. Blogs are more likely to get visitors, because the level of competition in social media does not require strict selection.
  5. Readers more easily recognize us, which will increase the popularity of blogs, of course if we often update the article in sosmed.
  6. To memperat friendship, try us to follow a blog, and do not forget to ask follow back.
In addition, be active in forums with many useful solutions. Because it can improve our image. When people are interested in the solution we provide, can make sure they will find info about who and what the name of your blog.

If a lot of interesting content on our blog lures their attention, prepare yourself to welcome them as loyal visitors to your blog.

So many discussions from me about How to Increase Blog Visitors. You might be interested in our older post where you can find As I worked in the SEO company. Hope can be useful. Cheers!

The Misguided Myth About SEO

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Having a blog that appears on the top pages of Google search engines is the hope of all bloggers and webmasters. Finally they are competing to optimize their blog to be friendly in search engines or better known as SEO techniques. But it turns out many of the bloggers they will do SEO with the wrong technique. Myth mistaken about SEO this will make the condition of the blog getting better, on the contrary gives bad impact. Here are some mistaken myths about SEO.
The Misguided Myth About SEO

1. SEO Simply Done Once

You need to know, SEO technique is a long-term project. You are not satisfied just because your blog is in the top position of Google and finally stop the SEO technique you use. Out there, your competitors are doing website optimization as well, so when you stop your site may disappear from Google's top page circulation as it loses competition.

2. SEO and Social Media No Relationship At All

Some say backlinks from social media are not important and have nothing to do with SEO. Obviously this is a misconception about SEO. Much shared content in social media is more reliable and relevant content from trusted authors / sources will greatly influence Google search results.

3. The More Backlinks The Better

Backlink is very good in SEO in determining the position of blog / site in search engine. But the problem if you just focus on backlink is like digging your own grave because of the number of links that lead to the site but not necessarily relevant and quality. So than you are too focused on linkbuilding it would be better if you devote your time and thoughts to create quality content.

4. Tag H1 Is The Key to SEO Success

The H1 tag structure commonly used in site titles does have an important role in SEO. But forcing the keywords inside the H1 tag even impressed spam. The most important thing in SEO is the information that exists with the site page is relevant to the topic discussed.

5. The more indexes on Google the better

Many people assume that the index of a large site on Google signifies that the site will be more qualified. Of course this is a misconception about SEO. Legitimate if the bloggers use some tags in the hope that the tags will be indexed and can generate more traffic again. But the problem is sometimes the keywords entered into the tags tsb not relevant to the contents of the content that can cause problems in the article TSB in search engines.

That's a Myth of Misunderstanding About SEO bloggers or site owners. So focus on continuing to create quality articles and useful for visitors on a regular basis. You might be interested in our older post where you can find As I worked in the SEO company. Cheers!

Elements of style blog

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For those who is struggling to develop a successful style blog that receives plenty of hits from search engines and social media. I am posting this article about elements of style blog that would have a high advantage for bloggers which includes web page elements list with blog header design and blog layout design. These website features is must for a good website and i recommend to apply listed webelements to your blog.
Elements of style blog

Elements of style blog

  1. Design that is Clean
  2. If readers can not find what they need easily and read your article without interruption of various blog elements, then most likely they will find another place as there is multiple results available on search engines. Hence, please design all your webelements intelligently to achieve clean blog layout design.

  3. Brand
  4. There are thousands of good website stubbing the same as your style blog, therefore having a blog header design and strong identity becomes a very important website elements. Identity is the differentiator of your blog header design from thousands of other blogs. The blog element 'identity' is also what makes readers easy to remember and visit again.

  5. Popular posts webelements
  6. Helps readers to find the best content you have. This is one of the best ways that you can do and make them loyal readers or at least visit again.

  7. Elements of design form: About me
  8. Creating a elements of design form or page about is something that needs to be done. Visitors what to know who the author is behind all the tutorials they read. Unless you create a style blog with element design of newspaper style or news magazine.

  9. Webelements: Contact details
  10. Nothing is worse, than the visitor's glasses and hence a style blog with webelements 'contact information' is very important. Vice versa, is equally harmful to the website owner or blog itself, because it means losing potential opportunities from visitors or most valuable input from readers.
Well, that is all about elements of style blog. You might be interested in our older post where you can find Guide to the path of freelancer or home employment. Cheers!

JPEG Size Reducer

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Who so ever is reading this article, you might be searching - how to reduce jpeg file size and found solution plenty of solution to reduce image size but i have identified a some problem with JPEG size reducer with online offline process which is available currently on internet and hence i have been thinking to write a Batch file for JPEG optimizer as i fucking tired by uploading JPEG image and then downloading it from different online website. Also, when i have limited connectivity in office or those cyber cafe places where i am not allowed to install any offline software to convert my bulk JPG file. Hence, i have written JPEG Size Reducer Batch File and by using JPEG optimizer batch file i can reduce image file size.

How to reduce jpeg file size

JPEG Size Reducer

I have the solution and though that many guys like me out there might feeling to gain similar solution but may due limited resources you could not able to achieve the same. So, you need not worry. I am sharing source code and those who could not able to compile the source code i am also sharing complete compiled version for them. I guess the solution for JPEG Size Reducer Batch file will certainly help you in reducing image size in no time.

Batch file coding to reduce image file size is very actually very simple with the algorithm stored in executing file and routing it through batch file.

for %%1 in (*) DO algo -copy none -optimize -perfect -progressive %%1 smushed/%%1

JPEG optimizer: You can download complete compiled folder for you. Where you need to put jpg file only to reduce jpeg file size. Only thing that you need to do after pasting jpeg image in the 'JPEG Size Reducer' folder is double click Batch file name 'Smush' and all jpg file will be compressed to smushed folder.

Image size reducer in kb

Above method is applicable only if you do not want reduce image size but if are OK with reducing dimension then below mention method of image size reducer in KB is easy way to reduce image size. Hence, here we go with below mentioned steps for answer of your questions your all question.
  1. Right click on an JPEG image and click on Open with.
  2. Click on Paint.
  3. Click on Home.
  4. Click on Resize.
  5. Check "Maintain aspect ratio."
  6. Set a new size for the image by percentage or pixel
  7. Click on OK.
  8. Click on File in the menu bar, then click on Save as
Image size reducer in kb

Above solution is applicable for below mentioned all questions.

  1. How do I reduce the size of a JPEG in paint?
  2. How do I reduce the KB of a JPEG?
  3. How do you reduce the MB size of a photo?
  4. How do you change the size of a JPEG?
  5. How do you reduce the size of a JPEG image?
  6. How do you make a picture file smaller?
  7. How do you change the MB size of a photo?
  8. How do you resize a scanned image?
  9. How do you change the size of an image?
  10. How can I make the size of a file smaller?
  11. How do I reduce the size of a photo in Windows 10?
  12. How do I resize a picture?
  13. How do you change the pixel size of a picture?
  14. How can I reduce the size of a scanned image?
  15. How do I make a scanned document a smaller file size?
  16. How do you save a picture as a JPEG?
  17. How do I resize a photo in Windows 10?
  18. How do you change the dimensions of a picture?

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Minimalist Desktop Wallpaper - 200+ Examples

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Minimalism Definition

Dear readers, we have seen the word minimalism and its different forms which is floating everywhere on internet. Hence, i have started scripting this page with minimalism definition. Anything that process simplicity in design or make can be referred as minimalism. Basically minimalism is a characteristic that may be achieved only by intentionality on clarity and purpose. For more clarity on minimalism definition you can have a look this post link where you have 25 reasons for to identify yourself as Minimalist and minimalism can also be applied to other aspects of business and life.

Minimalism Definition

Minimalist Desktop Wallpaper

Now, when have clarity on minimalism and knowing that minimalism is a popular style of design because it keeps things simple, easy and user-friendly. Minimalist desktop wallpaper is just the thing you need if you’re into simple backgrounds. Hence, I ought to post a group of minimalist desktop wallpaper. Decide the one you require and if you think you will get bored of that minimalist wallpaper, save this link and download another minimalist desktop wallpaper from this assortment.

Since, this complete article contains minimalist desktop wallpaper examples and you might want more from above list hence here are some other links of my blog where you can find 65 Quite Simple Desktop Backgrounds, 80+ UHD Minimalist Wallpaper 4K, 1080p Wallpapers For PC