India and Black Money

August 05, 2011
As we all know this is the most heated story in India today, many of people blindly following Baba Ramdev & Anna Hazare for same concern. Well I am putting some points after Swiss Bank agrees to return all the back money to Indian government, because all the money is in so huge amount its natural that there will be some good and bad changes occurs in everyone lives. What i guess at this point is there a strong chance that, currencies like USD and Pound get lowered in comparison with Indian Rupee resulting the cutting of outsourced job from those countries. For example outsourced call centers & other software jobs which is feeding Indian employers will shut down. A rough analysis says that 50% call centers will shut down abruptly and all agents working there will get unemployed. Other factors that can affect Indian employers is many industrialist which is doing business in India and saving their black money at Swiss Bank might spot doing business also results unemployment.

Some people might say that who care for those jobs we can survive using those money returned by Swiss Bank but at this point I want to say that will really take time and government will not going to distribute the money in each hand. They will make a plan to execute and I guess this will take 2-3 years if I am taking a rough figure. Thus Can anyone explain that what the will those employer eat who earns 10K in a month and expenses all the money by the 20th of the month for feeding themselves?

Well what I want to state via this point is this is only one expects that I am thinking, people having many nightmare regarding these issues. Indian government must prepare plan before this disaster come to India. What I conclude from my desk is “money is not every time sweeter it can dangerous” so, be prepared with what best government can do.

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