Protect your right to install free software

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Microsoft has announced that if computer manufacturers want to market their products with the logo of compatibility with Windows 8, then they are obliged to implement a technology called "Secure Boot". However, at present it is doubtful that the technology will live up to its name, as rather, it will deserve the name "limited download".

With proper implementation of the "Secure Boot" is designed to protect against malware by preventing the loading of unsigned binary data at the stage of the computer. In practice, this means that computers that implement this technology will not load the unsigned operating systems - including those that were originally signed, but then changed without re-signing of the procedure.

This technology will live up to its name only if the user can sign on their own programs that he wants to use, so having the ability to run a free software written by yourself, or received from people he trusts. However, we are concerned that Microsoft and hardware vendors will implement these restrictions boot so as not to allow to run nothing but Windows. In this case, we prefer to call the technology "limited load", as such a requirement imposes a catastrophic limit on users, and in principle is not a security measure.

Please sign the following statement to demonstrate computer manufacturers, government and Microsoft, that you care about your right to choice, and are willing to defend it.

We, the undersigned, call on all computer manufacturers to implement the so-called "Secure Boot» UEFI such a way as to allow free operating system to install. In order to respect the freedom of users to really protect their safety, manufacturers are required to enable or disable the PC owners limit load, or provide a reliable way to install and run the free operating systems. We pledge never to buy or not to recommend to other computers, which deprive the user of this critical freedom, and we actively encourage people in our community in every possible way to avoid such limited systems.


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