What in fact conceals a terrible figure windows eight

December 08, 2011
For a start - I want a little explanation. For me, the word "marketing" means "Create a definite opinion of the public in respect of any given object of marketing." This does not mean "shit on draining ears moron" or "story about how cool our product useless." Good marketing of BMW BMW did. The same thing happened with Windows XP, which is one of the most long-lived axes of this world.

Please note that Microsoft in the United States is actively pursuing many companies marketing and promoting their products. There is nothing wrong with that. There is a lot of good - because the users who read these newsletters and blogs, you know what features they will receive and how to use them.

For example, "pinning" of applications and sites on the task-bar Windows. Do you know why in Russia according to the standard task-bar pinned to only 3 icons? Just because people do not know what and how there can be pinned.

Marketing can do wonders and others - for example, through marketing, you can suppress the "black propaganda" and begin actively selling your product. An example of this - McDonald's. It seems to me that this is the shit watered restaurant eatery in the world. But despite all this, is the most common and profitable eatery in the world.

So what I? It's simple: there is no correct data begins to appear search. Search turns into trolling, but this is already possible to easily create a good black propaganda.

Strictly speaking, here , this article showed me how everything is bad. Point is that after six hours of excellent video presentation, tons of text and video clips, after a great marketing company in the U.S. already well know and understand where you are coming in Windows 8. But in Russia shamefully confuse the system and search for a new application store.

What, then, I have the details and screenshots will spread the facts about what is Windows 8, as it is eaten and what they consume.

And so, what great and mysterious conceals the system? Of course, the novice will tell you that Windows 8 - a new and shocking the Start menu. But, we're with you people, we bloggers. Our task a deep understanding of the subject.

Have begun. In order to understand, which is one of the greatest achievements of the new axis - plunge into the wonderful world of programming. What really makes the operating system? No, it does not provide access to a computer for the user. It allows the programmer API. In particular Win RT - this is a new set of API that make the programmer's life easier.

The basic approach of the company - it's pure and simple. The interface must be simple and responsive. If the user clicks the mouse on the button - the button should respond immediately. There should be a great reverie of the system. (You did remember after all, as Windows 95, went to blue screen when she was taken out of cdrom drive under?)

Respectively, the new API riveting with the expectation of this approach. What's most interesting:
Whether you are trying to do something, but only in real-time system it is possible to get a response within a certain time. In Windows, you can not predict how long it will take a reading of five bytes from the file (this file may lie at 20 000 miles away to disable shared disk).

All major languages ​​were supplemented with special extensions for use with asynchronous calls. This allows easy enough to work in terrible asynchronous environment. Well, now, for example, the example in C #
public async void InitializeDictionary()
Stream s = await GetTextReader();

async Task< Stream > GetTextReader()
StorageFile sfro = await Windows.ApplicationModel. Package.Current.InstalledLocationAsStorageFolder.GetFileAsync( "Test.xml" );
IInputStream inputStream = await sfro.OpenForReadAsync();
Windows.Storage.Streams.DataReader dr = new DataReader(inputStream);
return inputStream.AsStream();

In principle, any more than an advanced programmer understands the basic idea. In order to paralleled your process you should no longer spawn threads, just use a couple of new keywords.

By the way, you can pay attention to Storage-file sfro and to where he comes from. The main joke in Win RT is that synchronous operation, you can not do. In general. They are no longer available. Will continue.
Moreover, what struck me to the core - at JS + HTML 5, you can get the same result. Here I want to see that the guys at Microsoft, after a long game of Questions and Answers with themselves, they decided that C + + deserves to live a few more generations. How many good trolls were killed on the ground battles for C + +, but it turns out to still be living.

Although, I am most pleased with the normal bundle of HTML + JS, which is not as fast on the program. NET. In this case, as I have repeated, you have the opportunity to apply all the tools available in Win RT. Little use to you Direct X 11 filter to its image on the site? But in the eight that can be done.

Moreover, the sets of all the new controls are registered as a. NET languages ​​and JS, as well as in native code, so that all your applications will look the same.

Well, good? The main thing is that it is incredibly fresh and new. And pulls a try. Well, this is only part of the hacking. We have an incredible amount of features to come.
Now we proceed to design parts. As for the menu in the new Win 8 sracha bred so much that I have personally seen the trolls were taken in carts to the place of battle. What is Metro UI? It would be foolish to say that this "new Start menu interface." No. This is a new approach to design applications. Let's compare the two pictures:
This is the same tab in the Control Panel. On the first slide you can see the former approach, while the second slide - an approach interface design in the style of Metro.

Here can be seen with the naked eye no chromium. Chromium - from the gourmet mean visual elements of a stroke. Kit, roughly speaking. Every self-respecting designer knows that this kit is better not to touch, but if you touch it, then gently. Because all come with a body kit nines. You can too are painted the car, and you can too austere chrome pick.

The Windows 8 solved this problem by an edge ax. They are generally cut off that chrome. That is, completely. You now do not have a stroke for the controls. You only have on-screen data and nothing else.
The idea here is that the user sees and manipulates data. It should not be at all distracted by all the shiny buttons.

Going just delightful in my opinion. No more arguments about how many useful pixels on the screen is a browser - it is generally all the pixels on the screen.

There may come on the scene IE10, and it is desirable that he immediately left the scene because of him will be discussed in another chapter.

So, any application that occupies the entire screen, it works only on presentation of data and do not bother those around elements to draw any outline.

Offended, the designer can say that this brutal approach does not leave any freedom for action. Not at all. Who told you that the data can not be beautiful? Think about it, if you want to read a beautiful article man, why would you need to draw attention to the logo image hosting? Logo Habra simple and memorable, but not an eyesore. The main Habré - this is a good article.

That this is the basis of the approach Metro UI. If you have a weather forecast, then who needs to draw attention to the button "Update" if you can draw attention to the weather.
(Here I want to note that, in fact, it's not a picture, and full-screen video, which shows the current weather. At the same time, the program itself is written in JavaScript and HTML 5)

With this approach, opportunities for application design becomes even greater. You do not need to be bound hand and foot class display forms. You do not have to steam on whether the programmer to redo your beautiful buttons in narisovanye controls, or simply replace them with standard control of windsurfing?

Of course, there are several other things:

1) Working in the style of Metro requires a certain zen. Vyblevannaya on canvas rainbow will not make your application a super-metro by the application.
2) Moreover, the need is very good restraint in the choice of fonts. As you can see all the screenshots so far only one font. Nobody forbids you to use your font, but you can spoil any Subway fact use 15 different fonts on a page, with five of them will be a kind of Comic Sans MS.
3) It is necessary to break patterns. If you're whole life painted in the style of this application,
Then you have to be retrained. But there is one very important caveat, and the guys at Microsoft have focused on several occasions on this. Take a look at this application:
This is an ordinary 11 version of MS Visual Studio. And this new version. And no one tried to sharpen it under the Metro. But why? Because at the same time you start Windows 8 guys from Microsoft said that Metro is not slapped interface in each application. Photoshop will work without the metro. And Vizhualna studio will work without the metro. For themselves, these programs are not designed to work with your finger and not meant for sitting in front of a touchscreen.

So do not worry if you are writing a global network sniffer, continue to support it without changing the interface. But the puzzle can be rewritten and a subway.

So do not worry, anywhere windowed interface is not going anywhere.

On the other hand - the most important applications Metroshnyh plus is that when I rest, I like to see metroshnye application. When I quietly serflyu internet - I prefer to do it with metroshnogo IE10, but not with the usual. When I read the news from his pad, I am pleased to see on the screen metroshny interface. When I dig a ton of code - I Metro on the side.

Just Microsoft developers are well aware that they have no alternative to the iPad. So they decided to kill two bits at once. On the one hand - they support the most common window manager in the world, on the other hand - create new, innovative manager who will be nice and comfortable to use on portable computers.

So, let's forget this one more blunt in a series of Windows 8: No, no you can not make go to the Metro. Switching between the old and new desktop Metro UI occupies a quarter of a second, and generally is not switching. Going further in the text.
Studies show that some folks that Microsoft trusts these studies, the market will soon be full of plates of different types and colors. Already the choice of decency. There are more or less cost HP Slate ($ 500 - $ 900), there is more wasteful Asus Slate ($ 1100 - $ 1500) and has been even exorbitant Acer Iconica with two displays ($ 1400 - $ 1800).

Here are a few highlights.
1) All of the above guys are living on batteries
2) The screen is not great
3) The size should be smaller
4) Ease of use must be on top.
5) Farewell IBM PC architecture.

Strictly speaking, Windows 8, these chips are just ignored.

1) My Asus Slate on seven lived 3.5 hours. It's just a shame, I think.
Windows 8 is added to the life of this animal is an extra hour. Now I live 4.5 hours at the phone, music, and Ward.
God knows that I certainly would like a 9-hour battery, but still, I beg to observe that just an hour of life has turned out for free.

2) On the screen the story came out the following: How to make your applications work fine on 1280x800 and 1920x1080? Of course, in times of old Windows.Forms you would not obsessed and just happy that your program can take up the entire screen or just a zalochili change the window size. Also an option. However, there is a joke.
Recently dpi monitors and screens jumped from 90 to 200 with a tail. It happened blagodanya market mobile phones that are just competed in the race for the number of dots per inch. The competition is completed. Above 400 hardly anyone climbs, but the joke is that at different dpi various programs will show different images.
If you change Windows XP to 150 dpi, you will see a bloody mess of pixels in the icons, fonts, and mismatched stuff.
No better than the situation with Windows 7. Leaving Vista GFCF, it is not very long promuchalas in this world and, thankfully, died faster XP.
But Windows 8 of the Metro offers a slightly different approach skalinga applications and allows you to actively play with the dpi screen.
If you want to check how your application will look at non-standard screen, just in the configuration of Visual Studio, click Deploy to «Emulator» and expose the desired screen resolution, enjoy Full HD on your semnashke.

3) Well, here it is and e-hedgehog understandable.

4) And here Windows 8, even in its unfinished super-alpha version can boast predeveloperprevyu set Fitch, previously unknown by me at any touch devices.

On-screen keyboard simply chic. In addition to a very pleasing sound "give" it has three features:
The presence of the letter E.The presence of a dash. The presence of a comma in lower case. Last just made me a fanatic and obazhatelem this keyboard. Moreover, a special mode that allows you to type two thumbs on the fly. While in all the keys seem to be too small, the set can be carried out with 1-3% error. It's not bad enough, given my minimal screen.
Moreover, I want to mention one more thing. In Windows 8 very much rewrote the algorithm to track your fingers. If you had to get to the checkbox you had to be a sniper, you can now easily resize the window one-touch. So it is no longer necessary to "five times tkni."

And of course, honor egronomike makes location of the new Start menu and switch between applications. Simply swipe your finger from the right or left of the screen toward the center - and you see what you need.

5) As for the x32 and x64 architectures - well, just to BUILD Windows device was introduced, who gladly drove eight on nVidia Tegra 3. What is coming to a brighter future for this soil.
Well, I do not know, or omitted because I have a SSD, or omitted for some reason yet, but I personally managed to get my laptop from the ground up to fully loaded desktop in 7 seconds. This is a new feature introduced in Windows 8, which is called "Hibernate core." After several reboots the system itself produces some modifications and begins zagruzhatsya faster than homyachek. On the video conference, you can see a much more impressive results.

Now add to that the presence of the Start menu, which is written on the same vaunted Win RT, and which does its job smoothly and quickly. Ie, the system is very responsive. Even hung a program that tries to skuchasht 100% of the processor does not block the ability to open the Start menu. Moreover, no one will forbid you get to the Task Manager, which kills the program according to your command, without any issues.

Compatible with a variety of programs - at the level of Windows 7. If something was going there, too, will take off at 8.
IE10 was not just a browser and platform. First, there was a auto-refresh browser. Second, in the system IE is presented in two forms - one of them with the support of Metro UI, and the second - more like IE9. The difference among them is very large. First settled in contrast to the second with a high belfry spits on the flash and not allow him to run. As a matter of fact, and any other plug-ins. The second - more conservative and allow yourself crammed with steroids of ActiveX and the like, the

Just specify the first release of Google Crome I do not get down to work with multicolored kopmpanii many years. So, setting eight, I decided to "refine" its normal browser ... And until I got to the site download Google's, I realized that I fell in love with the 10 th ass.

1) It is the only browser that is "Out of the box" support multitouch.

2) It is faster than Google Chrome 0_o. I think it will not last long, but now I see that the rendering of Donkey finally got to deystvtielno correct levels. Even on my not so hot, what shines Connections ass speed.
Moreover, 10 Donkey-style Metro can just look at the site and anything more. Memory consumption - more than a modest 227 MB, with 10 open tabs. (It seems to me that this is a flash banner is not loaded).
By the way, just like any other application Metro, Donkey enters the "freezing" after 5 seconds of finding in the background. This means that it will not consume CPU time, is still in the background. (Hello curves java script)

Another of Fitch WinRT and Metro UI - the ability to store program settings in the cloud. Now you can link your username and password in your Windows Live ID and get full transfer settings and saved games on other computers.

By the way, the password may now be entered with the clave. A new superfitcha - password-picture. You make three gestures over any picture and it is your password. Repeat their system and let you inside.
Anti-installed with the system. Updates come automatically. A very useful thing. In all of this, memory consumption on a clean system fell from 400 megabytes (Windiows 7) to 200.

The process of copying files, now assembled in a single window. You have the option to stop and start different copy. You can look at the chart speed, and hide it for all cycles of copying.

From the sad - or not so sad - the new interface to navigate the Start menu or the best with your fingers, or keyboard. Mouse severely affected. I wrote to Microsoft, they told me that they know and are actively working to improve the convenience of caudate.

Moreover, despite the fact that I had been working on this system as the primary, I can say that I put it recommended only for experts in the field of administration and engineering. The super-pre-alpha-beta preview version, which is now sometimes fails. About once a week I reboot it. Blue screen I have not seen it. Wood came, not all but some of the wood from the Windows 7 had a shaman tambourine.

Obviously, this is the shortcomings and omissions of Developer Preview, but do not say I did what I was saying that it all perfectly.
On ordinary hard disks on a "fast boot in 3 seconds" can not even dream of.

There are problems with the installation of certain applications when the system requires. NET Framework 3.5.1. Treated
Preliminary inclusion of this component in the component menu Windows.

This is a very superficial description of the facts relating to, Windows 8. It is made specifically for fans of UFO circles based on my own three-month experience with this operating system.
In order to take the subject of a gill - go to dev.windows.com

There you can
1) Drain the very image of the system. Drain only with the Developer Tools, and then another zamayates doustonavlivat.

2) Read about the new API. Unfortunately, the documentation leaves much to be desired. But, I can see that progress on the face and every week I see the updated articles on the site.

3) On Google.com, you can learn how to run the system with VHD.

In fact, the system is very interesting. Basically, the fact that despite all the same vindovyh yadno, the developers have managed to completely reflash and good perestrochit it in a new way, without creating problems, but adding a tremendous amount of new features.

All the technologies and approaches such as Win RT, Metro UI (not to be confused with a "new start menu, which beeee") allows you to look at software development cycles in new ways. In particular, you can refresh the design of their sites, and may decide to get rid of a pair of brilliant, as reflected in the floor of the icons on your site.

By the way, if you're doing 3D design, you will not Indulge in the pleasure of a DirectX application in the Studio version 11. We were pleased with the opportunity to follow the fate of each pixel on the screen. (As you think about this - put a break-point-per-pixel, or just poking at the screen shots to get a point-stack Trace this point)

Before you start talking about what is in this system and what is not, I beg you, please read at least the documentation.

By the way, channel9 you can find 6 hours of video presentations, which include interesting stories from the lives of eight servers, programming for live examples and restart laptop.

For symmetry, I want to bow out, and I want to say hello to Russian marketing group, Microsoft.

As one friend of our News and Media - «Developers, developers, developers ...» Gentlemen, we, developers, attracted by the facts and interesting information from the life of the new programs and operating systems. As well as information on how we can apply in their work.

For some reason, the U.S. internet is saturated with stories about how you can do something on Windows 8. But Habra empty. Therefore, you, gentlemen, the developers, I will ask to delve into the topic.

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