Firefox 12 receives a number of additional properties

January 29, 2012
Browser war has shifted from interest in the percent of the market decline of IE on the confrontation between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Mozilla Foundation makes in your browser to enter the new improvements, which would force users to think again about what is it worth to switch to your browser search giant. It is gratifying that the Firefox developers in terms of the interface - what you see all the users, and do not change "under the hood" - did not simply replicate the functionality of Chrome, but also adds new tools, which in Chrome yet.

In fairness it should be noted that new opportunities "Home Page» Firefox 12 still has sparked new questions or even complaints (even had to change "nightly build"), because they are pushed even further on the advantages of a browser that attracts users to Chrome - functional simplicity. Under the cut offered a quick look at the proposals that may appear soon in Firefox 12, if the plans of developers will not change.

So, in the first version is proposed to change "Home Page» Firefox 12, adding a row of buttons down for access to your bookmarks, browsing history, browser settings, applications and downloads. No other changes in this case, obviously, will not be compared to the existing version.

Another, more substantial and, as a notice, a "heavy" functional variant "Home Page" is presented below.

Here it is easy to notice a number of new tools: a list of commonly used applications, large icons of recently visited sites, a similar type icons "share drives" links and even IM-client, very similar to that which exists in Gmail. Comparing with Chrome version of this, it is impossible not to notice that Google developers are going for option more "ascetic" interface, dividing the icons of websites visited and applications on different tabs, as in Mozilla believe that the more tools the user will see on the page that opens Firefox, then the better for it.

How many people - so many opinions, but also noted a general tendency to simplify interfaces browsers already perhaps even to a lowly user - just look at the interface of the new IE 9. It is hoped that in the case of Mozilla, we will have enough flexibility in the settings so that everyone can take to themselves the decision on the application possibilities of the new interface if it will still be accepted for release in Firefox 12.

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