Monetizing Google Play: free games with access to the billing statement

May 03, 2012
Google Play has an undeserved reputation as a platform, not bringing the money - but is opposed by at least a number of developers of free games. Company TinyCo, Spry Fox and the Robot Invader argue that the profit from Android comparable and sometimes superior to profit from iOS-devices.

Difficulties with obtaining money in Google Play widely known and Comments. According to research by Distimo and Flurry, Google Play gets one eighth of the profits Apple iTunes App Store and its average revenue per user (ARPU, average revenue per user) is only 23% of the revenue from the user iOS. However, since the reports Distimo and Flurry are based on averaging a very large, not all designers agree with them.

Chapter Spry Fox, David Edery recently published a Twitter account the income of the company on Android. According to Edery, for every dollar earned by a popular game in the Triple Town iOS, to 67 cents in Android. He also noted that this is not a question of much more, but less profitable customer base for Android - the number of users in iOS and Android versions of the Triple Town virtually the same as the conversion rate. Although the game shows a greater ARPU in iTunes, than Google Play, Edery still believes in the future platform Google, calling Google Play «a very good source of profit."

Major developers are also found in Google Play a lot of solvent users. Andreessen Horowitz of TinyCo last week published the same data - for every dollar earned free Tiny Village in the iOS, have 65 cents in Android. If excluding tablets, then this figure rises to 82 cents on the dollar. Thus the parameters of earnings TinyCo very close to the parameters of Spry Fox, and not to the data Flurry.

Glu Mobile - another company, which says more than a show analysts earnings. Although only 30% of the profits from the free-to-play games Glu in Q4 accounted for smartphones with Android, both platforms show approximately equal ARPU, says vice president of sales and marketing, Adam Flanders. Glu is also seen that the conversion of users from the Android is constantly improving, for which Google Play is due to more extensive adaptation of purchases through credit cards in the store and the expansion of Google Check Out the international telecom operators.

Access to the billing statements are extremely important tool for Android developers with free games, because it allows a user without a credit card to make purchases of digital goods, thus increasing the conversion of free users to paid and the level of monetization. Billing statements is one of the key reasons why companies like DeNA can get the conversion rate of 15% in Japan versus 2% in North America. Lucrative South Korean market as a result of carrier billing - Com2uS makes about 10% of Android users paying games in South Korea, and only 3% in the U.S..

Play Wind-Up Knight of the Robot Invader gets 60% of the profits from Google Play, largely due to operator 'accounts - says co-founder Chris Pruet. Players Wind-Up Knight is almost twice as likely to become chargeable on Android, than iOS, and when the turn, then suggest the best ARPU, than iOS - also due to carrier-billing.

«Android actually has some unique features that make it very profitable," - he explains. "One of the key features is integration with billing systems operators worldwide. In some regions (particularly in Japan and some European countries), no one buys the phone by credit card - all want to be written off with the purchase of a mobile account and displayed in the statement at the end of the month. "

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