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February 07, 2013
To speed up the site, some recommend to analyze each page: optimize queries and any HTTP redirects, compress scripts and styles, etc. All of this is without a doubt necessary, but first and foremost it is important to review the basics. In particular, you are sure that any graphics you use to create websites, fully optimized for the Internet?

Almost all web developers are aware of the need to choose the appropriate format for each image, as well as to reduce its size (in pixels, and in kilobytes) to a minimum. Some even the most optimized settings JPEG, balancing between size and quality. However, the harsh reality is that, no matter how carefully you design your images, a standard graphics editor that you use will not be able to save the most of the finished files. And image compression quality may deteriorate significantly.
It is difficult to say for sure how much quality is lost during compression of images, since it largely depends on the source graphic. Some JPG can be reduced by only 50-100 bytes. Usually a normal web graphics are compressed by 10-40%, without sacrificing image quality (you can also implement it and decreasing the number of colors or transcoding of JPEG files to other formats.) But ideally to compress images to use special software or web services, which will be discussed in this review.
So which program is better? To answer, we consider 18 major competing programs. Most of the tools of image compression for Windows, as they are most common. But we have also included options lossy compression program for Mackintosh and Web services, so we hope that everyone will find something useful. we tried to list some top image compressor list
Outdated tool uses the command line and with minimal assistance. AdvanceCOMP hardly suitable for the average PC user, accustomed to graphical user interfaces. For those who are used to work with the command line, nothing fancy in it.
Caesium - a simple open source tool that is designed to compress PNG, JPG and BMP. This is a fairly easy-to-use program. Click Add / Add, select the image, select the folder where processed images will be downloaded - Output, click Compress / Compress, and in a few seconds you will get the result.
FILEminimizer Pictures uses a more radical approach to image compression, than most of its competitors. By default, when you try to compress your photos, it can change the format and image size, JPEG encode files with lower quality and cut metadata. Most of these options can be specified in the program settings.
Features FileOptimizer large enough. It not only can compress images JPG, GIF and PNG, but also works with executable files, archives, documents, Microsoft Office, files, PDF, - the list goes on long enough.
ImageOptim - it's Mac-tool which optimizes image GIF, JPEG and PNG, and also acts as an interface to a variety of other applications: PNGOUT, AdvPNG, Pngcrush, extended OptiPNG, JpegOptim, jpegrescan, jpegtran and Gifsicle.
JPEGmini - Mac-an interesting application with a non-standard approach to reducing format JPEG.
jStrip-a tool for lossless compression of files JPEG, which removes non-essential information: sketches, commentary, color profiles, the extra bytes at the beginning or end of the file, and various other bits and pieces. But file compression will be small, since the program does not use the re-encoding. This was especially true when we put in JStrip JPG photos with high resolution, the program was able to reduce by about 1%.
OptiPNG - is a popular compression tool PNG without quality loss using a command line, which is regularly used in other programs (eg, PNGGauntlet) for processing and image enhancement.
PNGGauntlet - it's pretty interesting tool is essentially a wrapper for the other three open source programs (PNGOUT, OptiPNG, DeflOpt), designed for image compression.
When the tiny size of 146 kb PNGOptimizer - this is the most lightweight of in this review of programs, so it is not surprising that it has an interface as simple and it only focuses on the files PNG.
PNGOUT - one of the best tools for image compression. Unfortunately, it is quite inconvenient to use, because it is based on the command line without the support of batch processing. But if this is your problem, you can select the commercial interface:
Much more versatile than you might think of his name, is PUNYpng - a web service that can really use lossless compression for images in the GIF, JPG and PNG. Register and create an account for free, but for a free account restrictions: you can only load 15 images in batch mode, each no more than 150 kb.
RIOT is free, but it is one of the few programs that try to install software in the configuration process. Be sure to uncheck the box during installation, if you are not interested in this additional software.
ScriptJPG - one of the most primitive packages, essentially, it's just a script for Windows, which acts as an interface to several tools based on the command line. Drag and drop your files to JPG script, select compression options (with or without loss of quality, or setting up a special quality JPEG), and ScriptJPG reduce your image. Thus, according to karyney least, it was stated in the description. For some reason, the program works with our web graphics JPG not, as promised, and even the start menu is not displayed.
As you've probably guessed from the title, ScriptPNG - this is the closest relative of ScriptJPG. He is a batch file to Windows, which uses four tools to compress PNG files to fit your needs. Also, as in ScriptJPG, there is scant possibility is available. Drag the image to a file on the command line are opened nine possible compression. uses optimization techniques specific to image format to remove unnecessary bytes from image files. It is a "lossless" tool, which means it optimizes the images without changing their look or visual quality. After runs on a web page it reports how many bytes would be saved by optimizing the page's images and provides a downloadable zip file with the minimized image files
TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG files. By selectively decreasing the number of colours in the image, fewer bytes are required to store the data. The effect is nearly invisible but it makes a very large difference in file size!
Trout's GIF Optimizer shrinks GIFs without any noticable reduction of picture quality.

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