Facebook is about to launch its own search service

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Now Facebook is about to launch its own search service and the recruitment of

Social network Facebook is constantly trying to come up with something new, and even if not new, then take what is, and make something out of this regular service. Thus, recently became aware that Facebook is working on a service job search and recruitment. The service will collect relevant ads from other resources, and provide this information for users of Facebook. Of course, such a service is simply doomed to popularity because of the hundreds of millions of users of social networks tens of millions explicitly take advantage of the opportunity to seek employment or employees, without leaving Facebook.

Thus, the social network may be getting too serious competitors such giants as LinkedIn and some other similar resources (such as bulletin boards, which are not involved in the project, Facebook). It is known that at least three third-party service job search, and staff will participate in the project. This BranchOut, Jobvite, and Work4 Labs. Launching the new service could be held in early August of this year. It is interesting that Facebook has no plans to monetize the service. Later on, probably trying to monetize all the same take.

So far, none of the alleged members of the new project has not commented on the news of the appearance of the service to find work and jobs from Facebook. However, the source of the information is reliable enough - he, in any case, trusted resource WSJ.

Unfortunately, it's hard to say right now how it will look and operate the new service. Will there be an integrated feed with vacancies, to which anyone can subscribe to Facebook, or will it be a separate topic, is not yet clear. This service is a logical continuation of the partnership Facebook c U.S. Department of Labor, the agreement is cooperation between the two organizations was signed in October last year. At the time of the conclusion of a cooperation agreement, it was stated that "the partnership will help develop a system, when the announcement of the subject is so massively as possible, and free for all."

At the moment the market, "HR industry" is estimated at 4.3 billion dollars, so working here is something. Well, Facebook, if desired, can be one of the market leaders.


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